It would be much more difficult without our partners and we are well aware of that. Thanks to them we can keep improving RAW, level it up annually and provide a better experience to all participants.

General Partner


Big RAW fan and generous provider of main prizes, that is WACOM. WACOM is with us since day one and we are glad to have them. We do also appreciate that they find RAW a really inspiring event. WACOM will this year provide prizes for The Best 8 winners. Six of them will win a graphic tablet Stylus Classic Pen and two - Kings of Analogue and Digital will win graphic tablets Wacom Cintig. This way Wacom gives a chance to our competitors to win the best equipment and the opportunity for all of them that choose to take it seriously.

Main partner


Visual fullservice studio DRAWetc. is the main organizer and producer of RAW. The team around Vladimír Strejček, who is the ideamaker of the whole RAW concept, is trying to create a challenging environment for competitors and friendly and fun environment for fans of arts, illustration and urban events in Prague. DRAWetc. take care of whole production, accompanying program and guest selection.

Main partner


For the third time we are partnering with Logicworks. They are a huge technical support for us that provides whole equipment from computers and ipads to all cables, extensions and connectors. The semi-finals in the beginning of March happened thanks to Logicworks in their HUB and was a part of panel discussion about visual trends.



Excellent assuages thirst of our competitors and public for the third time. Excellent is a partner of all cool events in the Czech Republic and we are glad to have them as a partner too. Count with their tasty beer for sure.


Jagermeister is with us since day one. Provides courage to our competitors and helps to relax the atmosphere even between our tense fans. We are really glad to have them as a partner, because they also support only cool events in Czech republic. 100% there will be jager drinks available.


RedBull gives us wings since the beginning. RedBull will provide energy also during this year event. Thanks to them there will be more people that will get to know about RAW. We appreciate their support very much.

Product partner

Zlatá loď

Our new partner for this year, mainly for the analogue part is arts supplies, Zlatá loď. They will provide racks, canvas, modeling mass and acrylic colours. The winner will receive various presents including drawing sets.

Host Point


An important and special partner for this year is Vnitroblock, which has provided us with space for The Grand finale. Boys and girls from Vnitroblock, who managed to create from desolate site a one of the liveliest and most dynamic places in the whole Holešovice, decided to give us a complete space for our event. Moreover, they will provide us with their staff members and even more will let know about the whole event on their website.

Partners on spot

Meet our partners on spot with whom you will have the opportunity to meet personally, have a talk and learn during the accompanying RAW finale program.


Non-profit organization focusing on the importance of prevention in the field of cardiovascular and oncology diseases. Count with their stall in Vnitroblock, where you can learn how to take a proper care of your breast, testicles and hearts.


Czech Youtube Multichannel Network that offers partnership to all creators that want to level up their content, will be on spot too. You will have the opportunity to create your proper youtube video in form Draw my life in cooperation with our illustrators.